We stock Australian and New Zealand related models, kits, accessories and we can supply items from any of these manufacturers. Generally these take 2-4 weeks for delivery, but some 6-8 weeks. Any price is an estimate. Due to exchange rate they can vary by + or – 10% Goods that are out of stock at the manufacturers can take much longer and we can not guarantee prices.

ABC Brianza Hand-built and kits Italy
Abrex Die/resin-cast Czech Republic
Alizan Hand-built and kits France
Alfa Model 43 Hand-built Italy
ALM Hand-built and kits France
Art Model Die/resin-cast Italy
Arena Hand-built and kits Italy
Atelier Model Cars Hand-built Italy
Autoart Die/resin-cast China for Japan
Autodelta Hand-built Italy
Automodello Die/resin cast China for USA
Axle’R Hand-built and kits France
Baremetal Modelling ads USA
BBR (Blue Moon, Concept 43, Gasoline) Hand-built and Accessories Italy
Bee Bop Hand-built Italy
Bizarre Die/resin cast China
Blue Box Hand-built Italy
Car Pin Models Hand-built Italy
Cartima Die/resin-cast China for Germany
Carbone (Chromes, Contact) Hand-built France
CG Models Hand-built and kits France
Ciemme 43 Hand-built Italy
Colorado Decals Portugal
Competition 43 Hand-built and kits Germany
CP Models Kits Italy
Denizen Scale Figures UK
Dip Models Die/resin-cast China for Russia
DMC Decals Denmark
DVA Dolermo Hand-built USA
Eau Rouge Diorama bases Belgium
Ebbro Die/resin-cast China for Japan
Eligor Die/resin-cast France
Emmbi Kits Italy
Evsal Die/resin-cast China for USA
Esdo Hand-built and kits France
Fadini Hand-built Italy
Faenza 43 Hand-built Italy
Fast 43 Hand-built Italy
FB Models Hand-built Italy
Formula Models Hand-built and kits UK
Fujimi Die/resin-cast China for Japan
Gamma (Klaxon) Hand-built and kits Italy
GB Models Models Hand-built and kits UK
GCam Kits Switzerland
Glamour Hand-built Italy
GLM Die/resin-cast China
Grand Prix Models Studio Hand-built UK
Group 7 Hand-built Denmark
Gulp Hand-built models Italy
Headway Technologies Die/resin cast China for Japan
Highway 61 Die/resin cast China for USA
History Car 43 Kits Italy
Hot Wheels China Die/resin-cast China
HPI Die/resin-cast China for Japan
Ixo Die/resin-cast China
J Collection Die-cast China for Japan
Jade Miniatures Hand-built and kits France
Jemmpy Hand-built and kits France
Jolly Models Die/resin-cast Italy
JPS Hand-built and kits France
K&R Replicas Kits UK
K Models Die/resin-cast China for Japan
Kess Die/resin-cast China for Italy
Kyosho Die/resin-cast Japan
Look Smart Die/resin-cast China for Italy
LP Creation Hand-built France
Luxcar Hand-built France
Luxury Die/resin-cast China for USA
M4 Die/resin-cast Italy
MA Scale Kits USA
Mach One Models Hand-built and kits UK
Mad Models Hand-built Italy
Madyero Hand-built and kits Italy
Marsh Models Hand-built and kits UK
Matrix Die/resin-cast China for USA
MB Model Cars Kits Czech Republic
MC Collection Kits Italy
MEA 43 Hand-built and kits France
Meri Kits and Accessories Italy
MG Models Hand-built Italy
Microscale Modelling ads USA
Microsprint Kits Italy
Midlantic (Minimarque 43) Hand-built UK
Minerva Kits France
Mini Racing Hand-built and Kits France
Minichamps Die-resin-cast China for Germany
Model Assemblies Hand-built and kits UK
Model Factory IV Hand-built Italy
Modellismo 90 Hand-built and kits Italy
MR Collection Hand-built Italy
NEO Die/resin-cast China for Holland
Norev China for France Die/cast China for France
Old Cars Die/resin-cast Italy
Omen Miniatures Scale Figures UK
Original Miniature Kits France
Oxford Die/resin-cast UK
Passion Drive Die/resin-cast China for Germany
Pinko Hand-built Italy
Premium Classixs Die/resin-cast China
Premium X Die/resin-cast China
Provence Miniatures Hand-built and kits France
Provence Moulage Die/resin-cast China for France
Q Models Die/resin-cast China for Japan
Racer Wake Hand-built Italy
Renaissance Hand-built and kits France
Reve Collection Die-resin cast China
Running 43 Hand-built and kits Germany
SC Model Hand-built Italy
Scala 43 Hand-built and kits Germany
Schuco Die-resin cast China for Germany
Selford Models Hand-built UK
SLM 43 Hand-built and kits France
SMTS Hand-built and kits UK
South Eastern Finecast Kits UK
Sprint 43 Wheels and Accessories UK
Studio 27 Kits Japan
Tameo (Silverline) Hand-built, Kits and Accessories Italy
This Way Up Kits South Africa
Tin Wizard Kits Germany
Touchwood Hand-built and kits UK
Track Diorama bases Belgium
Top Model Collection Die/resin-cast Italy
Trofeu Die/resin-cast Portugal
Tron Kits and Accessories Italy
True Scale Die/resin-cast China for USA
Yank Models Hand-built and kits UK
Yowmodellini Kits Japan
Z Models Accessories Japan