We can supply readymade die/resin cast models to order from most manufacturers worldwide as well as hand built models from the artisan builders.

Whilst there are many retailers supplying models in Australia, there many manufacturers that are not readily available here. Please contact us if there is anything you would like us to get for you.

Below are some of the manufacturers we deal with either directly or through and overseas agent

ABC BrianzaHand-built and kitsItaly
AlizanHand-built and kitsFrance
Alfa Model 43Hand-builtItaly
ALMHand-built and kitsFrance
ArenaHand-built and kitsItaly
AutomodelloDie/resin castChina for USA
BBR (Blue Moon, Concept 43, Gasoline)Hand-built and accessoriesItaly
Bee BopHand-built Italy
BizarreDie/resin castChina
Car Pin ModelsHand-builtItaly
CartimaDie/resin castChina for Germany
Carbone (Chromes, Contact)Hand-builtFrance
Competition 43Hand-built and kitsGermany
EvsalDie/resin castChina for USA
GB ModelsModels Hand-built and kitsUK
Grand Prix Models StudioHand-builtUK
Highway 61Die/resin castChina for USA
HPIDie/resin castChina for Japan
IxoDie/resin castChina
Jade MiniaturesHand-built and kitsFrance
JPSHand-built and kitsFrance
K&R ReplicasKitsUK
KessDie/resin castChina for Italy
Mach One ModelsHand-built and kitsUK
Marsh ModelsHand-built and kitsUK
MatrixDie/resin castChina for USA
MG ModelsHand-builtItaly
Midlantic (Minimarque 43)Hand-builtUK
MinichampsDie/resin castChina for Germany
Modellismo 90Hand-built and kitsItaly
MR CollectionHand-builtItaly
NEODie/resin castChina for Holland
Norev China for FranceDie castChina for France
Passion DriveDie/resin castChina for Germany
Premium ClassixsDie/resin castChina
Premium XDie/resin castChina
Provence MoulageDie/resin castChina for France
RenaissanceHand-built and kitsFrance
ReplicazResin cast Indy CarsChina for USA
Scala 43Hand-built and kitsGermany
SchucoDie/resin castChina for Germany
Selford ModelsHand-builtUK
SLM 43Hand-built and kitsFrance
SMTSHand-built and kitsUK
Sprint 43Wheels and AccessoriesUK
Studio 27KitsJapan
Tameo (Silverline)Hand-built, Kits and AccessoriesItaly
Tin WizardKitsGermany
TouchwoodHand-built and kitsUK
TronKits and AccessoriesItaly
True ScaleDie/resin castChina for USA