Replicarz Indy Car Line

A new range of Indy 500 winners

Automodelli Studio are importers for the Replicaz Indy line. This range will be limited to between 333 and 500 of each high quality ready built models, they are produced in China by the same workshop as BBR, MR & Look Smart

These are hand built models at a die-cast price

Price guide $115.00 this is subject to change due to exchange rate

The first three models available are the Blue Crown Specials from 1947 – 1948 – 1949


Replicarz Blue Crown Specials

Coming next are the Johnny Lighting Specials Al Unser 1970 and 1971



This is a special P J Colt from 1970 driven by Joe Leonard limited to just 150 examples price $140

Indy car PJ Colt 1970

PJ Colt 1970

Coming up after the PJ Colt Johnny Lightning cars is the 1928 Miller

Indy car Miller 1928

Miller 1928

Followed closely by the 1985 Penske March of Danny Sullivan nick named Spin & Win

1985 Penske March Danny Sullivan  Spin & Win

Penske March Danny Sullivan “Spin & Win”

Future releases in this series are

1916 Peugeot
1924 Duesenberg
1926 Miller
1929 Miller
1931 Miller
1939 Boyle Special
1940 Boyle Special
1952 Agajanian
1957 Belond
1958 Belond
1973 Eagle
1975 Eagle
1977 Coyote

Plus these special limited release cars

1961 Hoover
1972 Onsonite

Please Contact us for further details