Newsletter 9, 2018

All items are 1/43rd scale unless otherwise stated. All prices are subject to change due to exchange rate

Good news for our customers in Australia. Buying direct for us you will not be paying GST on imported models whereas if you buy on eBay, Amazon or similar EDP you will pay 10% GST from 1st July 2018.

Coming soon

Marsh Model Ford Open Sports this is what happened to the Ford 3L P69 Alan Mann took the P69 which was a bigger disaster than the P68 and redeveloped it with a Monocoque chassis for Can Am. The car was tested at Goodwood by Frank Gardner and Denny Hulme and raced at Riverside by Frank Gardner (DNF) and in Texas by Jack Brabham who finished 3rd.

We are taking orders now kit around $100 or built to order P.O.A.

We are currently working on all three versions of the Ford 3L P68 and will make the P69 in the not too distant future. These were all driven by Frank Gardner. Jack Brabham tested the P69 and Denny Hulme raced the P68 on a couple of occasions as well as testing the Open Sports.

Replicarz Indy Car Range

Automodelli Studio import this range. Lots of new Eagles coming as well as a few Duesenbergs and the A J Foyt winner from 1977. These are excellent high quality models made in China for Replicarz in USA. Price $135.00

1973 Eagle Carling Black Label David Hobbs

1973 Eagle Mark Donohue

1972 Olsonite Eagle Jerry Grant

1972 Olsonite Eagle Jerry Grant Ontario Speedway 200 mph lap

1974 Viceroy Eagle Mario Andretti

1941 Elgin Piston Pin Special Duke Nalon

1940 Lor Schell Special Le Beque

Coyote 1977 winner A J Foyt