Newsletter 5, 2018

All items are 1/43rd scale unless otherwise stated. All prices are subject to change due to exchange rate

It’s the end of an era but not the end of the line, for 14 years Automodelli Studio has produced Australian/New Zealand based kits and hand-built model cars. Aus/NZ has always been a niche market compared to Europe or the USA, but sales have slowed too much to continue with home grown subjects and we have been looking at the future and are moving to a wider customer base by going international. The new ranges will be more USA/European based subjects covering many classic/historic racing cars such as Ford Mustang GTP, P68/69 – AC/Shelby Cobra’s – Lola T70 GT and Spiders. Many of these will have Aussie/Kiwi drivers of course, so we are not totally leaving our roots behind.

Future production will include (in no particular order) and will be over several years, long after I have retired to a beach somewhere. Paul D’Orival, who will take over the business in 2019, is as keen as I am to continue with these projects and I’m sure will be adding more.

  • Ford GTP IMSA 1983 & 1984 (including Geoff Brabham cars)
  • Ford 3L P68/69 (McLaren Hulme Gardner Brabham)
  • Shelby Daytona Super Coupe (designed by Kiwi Peter Brock)
  • AC/Shelby Cobras (various options from LM -Targa Florio – Sebring – Daytona – Nassau – South Africa etc)
  • Shelby Daytona Cobras (all cars)
  • Lola T70 Mk3GT Aston Martin (both cars)
  • Lola T70 Spider Mk1 Mk2 & Mk3 (many versions)

Work on the Daytona Super Coupe is almost complete. The original version of this kit was made by Marsh Models around 30 years ago and we have modified and upgraded the kit. Available May multi-media kit $100 built to order $295

Decals and etching are being drafted for the IMSA Mustang GTP cars. This is a resin kit. The 1984 version will build either of the cars raced that season, car #7 Klaus Ludwig, Bobby Rahal, Tom Glory and car #06 Bob Wollack, Klaus Ludwig, Geoff Brabham. The 1983 version to follow will build car #6 #06 #2 the kit will not build #06 from the Daytona Final as this was a modified version that ran at only this race in this configuration

FIA Cobra roadster, first up the Targa Florio cars either of the 4 works car can be built from this kit. Later we will make some other FIA European cars and there will be US versions too

Roadster kit will make street version lhd/rhd also the Shelby high speed driving school car and Le Mans version from 1963/64

New releases

A new McLaren from Marsh Models MM287 McLaren M1A from the Guards Trophy Brands Hatch 1965 kit $105 or built by Marsh $350

Coming Soon from TSM

Bentley Speed 8 3 rd Sebring 2003 David Brabham. Pre order only price tba.

Also from TSM will be the Le Mans 2017 Ford GTs, this will include the Brisco, Westbrook, Dixon car