Model Maker

Born in the Riverland of South Australia in 1968 I was brought up by my Grand Parents, from the age of Two. As I grew up I would spend my school holidays etc in the very early years visiting my Uncle in Adelaide who was a Commercial Pilot and would often take me flying over the weekend breaks as well as visiting Adelaide International Raceway or Mallala racing circuit to watch the motor racing. From the age of 7 I was starting to really develop a love of aviation and motorsport. All of my school holidays I would spend building models mainly aircraft such as Spitfires, Hurricanes etc and occasionally I’d save up all of my pocket money and treat myself to a large scale Tamiya F1 Model Car kit.

I was always a very quiet boy I liked to keep to myself. As the years passed by I always kept my passion for scale modelling and would often be disappointed with the lack of detail supplied in the early Airfix and Matchbox model kits that seemed to be readily available from the local toyshop and would often look at ways of detailing and improving them. In those days of course there was no Internet for reference so by the age of 12 I was scratch building small details to incorporate into my models, by visiting the local library or buying magazines from the local newsagents in search of reference pictures for my subjects. As the years passed, like most blokes I discovered cars and girls and things changed somewhat. I started an Apprenticeship as a Chef, met my now wife Carol, settled down, brought a house and started focusing on my career. At that time in the field of work I was doing I never had time for a hobby so the scale modelling took a back seat for about 5 Years.

Travelling to trade school whilst doing my apprenticeship, every few months from the Riverland to Adelaide, a journey of hundred kilometres, I would often pass through a small town called Birdwood. Birdwood at the time was the home of the historic Birdwood Mill and Automotive Museum which used to house a massive collection of classic cars and Motorcycles, it still does to this day, but the collection has shrunk somewhat. During my first visit to the Museum I came across a small building where you could walk into the front and watch a man building large scale models completely from scratch! his workshop was amazing as it had a metal turning lathe, a mill, and a myriad of other tools and equipment to produce his models completely hand built. I couldn’t believe my eyes and had to know more about him. His name was Garry Jeffries, and in short we developed a fantastic friendship that has lasted more than 20 years. Gary has been my mentor and taught me everything I know. He has helped me to equip my own workshop and helped me to develop and measure up and produce my first model the fully scratch built MV125 Augusta Motorcycle.

I had since focused my attention building Poacher Models and improving the detail where required. I have had over 20 years building experience and have built all the different types from the Alfas, Bugattis through to the Rolls Royce models.

I have a customer base in the UK, USA and Germany. So if you have anything from custom wire wheels sets to modifying a kit part or my specialty, Poacher, re builds and repairs or a large scale automotive model you would like built please contact me at