Classic Cars

Classic Road Cars

Ready built – once called die-cast but today more are made in resin, usually in China. Much better quality than they once were. but limited to a particular vehicle and/or colour scheme. Cheaper alternative to hand built usually priced around $60 to $100

Hand built – the true collectors model, usually very limited release and very high quality. There are two types of hand built, those that are built in batches so as they can be painted and assembled all together and those that are individually built. Prices from $150

Kits – the main advantage of a kit is it can be built as a one off model to suit a particular vehicle. You have the chice of what colour you paint it, what wheels you fit and what ancillaries are fitted. Price from $60

Manufacturer Description Type
ABC Brianza Good range of European and some US subjects Built & Kits
Abby Classic UK Vehicles Kits
Alezan Some modern classics Hand Built
Automodello Unusual US subjects Unusual US subjects Ready Built
BBR Mainly Ferrari Hand Built
BHM UK Hand Built
Big River UK subjects Hand Built
Crossway UK subjects Hand Built
DIP Russian Vehicles Ready Built
Brooklin US and UK models Hand Built
EnCo Models See Tin Wizard Kits
Ilario Classics from the European coachbuilders Hand Built
J&M Classics UK subjects Hand Built
Kenna UK subjects Hand Built
Klaxon Mainly Italian Built & Kits
K&R Replica UK classic sports cars Kits
Landsdown See Brooklin Hand built
Look Smart Modern classics Ready Built
Luxcar Bugattis Ready Built
Marsh Model A few classics Built and Kits
Me-Mod Modern classics Kits
Neo Worldwide subjects Ready built
Renaissance A few classics Built & Kits
Rialto Modern & classic Built & Kits
RGM Design Ferraris Hand built
Rob Eddie Swedish Vehicles Hand built
Spark Worldwide subjects Ready built
Swiss Mini Modern Classics Kits
Thoroughbred UK Vehicles Hand built
Tin Wizard Many European vehicles Built & Kits
Tron Worldwide subjects Built & Kits
Vroom European subjects
Zaugg Modern US Classics Kits