Aussie – Kiwi at LM

1/43 scale multi media kits, some pre-painted kits and hand built models of historic racing cars, as raced in Australia or New Zealand.

Other models are vehicles from international races driven by Australian or New Zealand drivers.



Reference Description Kit price from $60
.. .. ..
REN084 Aston Martin DBR9 LM2006 David Brabham
REN082 Aston Martin DBR9 LM2005 David Brabham
REN086 Aston Martin DBR9 LM2008 David Brabham
REN086B Aston Martin DBR9 LM2007 David Brabham
REN057 Panoz LMP LM1999 David Brabham
REN059 Panoz LMP LM2000 David Brabham
REN089 Peugeot 908 LM2009 David Brabham
MM242 Lola T70 Mk3B GT Spa 1000ks 1969 P Hawkins ..
RL004 Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato LM1961 Bib Stillwell – Lex Davison ..
RL005 Aston Martin P214 LM1963 B McLaren ..
AUT100 *Porsche 956 Le Mans 1984 P Brook – L Perkins ..
MM003 Ford GT40 Le Mans 1966 Chris Amon – Bruce McLaren ..
MM009 Ford GT40 Le Mans 1965 Denny Hulme ..
MM110 Ford GT40 Le Mans 1966 Bruce McLaren – Chris Amon ..


MG PA Midget Le Mans 1935 Joan Richmond

ECH005 Frazer Nash Sebring Le Mans 1956 Toni Gaze ..
MR437 Mirage M10 Le Mans 1979 Vern Schuppan ..
VHC021 Mirage GR8 Le Mans 1975 Vern Schuppan ..
VHC012 Mirage GR8 Le Mans 1976 Vern Schuppan ..
VHC013 Mirage GR8 Le Mans 1977 Vern Schuppan ..
J4355 Aston Martin DBR1/300 Le Mans 1958 Jack Brabham ..
MCM11 Bentley 4.5lt Le Mans 1928 1st Bernard Rubin ..
REN022 Riley & Scott Mk3 LM 1998 Wayne Gardner ..
MM056-1 Ford GT40 MK2B LM 1967 Frank Gardner ..
MM056-2 Ford GT40 Mk2B LM 1967 Paul Hawkins ..
GMM003 Porsche Carrera RSR LM1975 Tim Schenken – Howden Ganley ..
GMM045 Porsche 935 LM1977 Tim Schenken ..
REN045 Porsche 934 #70 Le Mans 1976 John Goss ..
REN091 Porsche Carrera RSR LM1975 Tim Schenken – Howden Ganley ..
REN Porsche RSR #97 Le Mans 1976 Larry Perkins ..
AUT033 Ford J car Le Mans test day 1966B McLaren/C Amon

Kit price from $75 Built price from $195

All kits are limited edition and are subject to availability. All built models come mounted in an acrylic display case. We will always hold build prices quoted but kit price is subject to + or – 10% due to exchange rate.

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