Premier Range

Kits: Resin bodies, white metal and photo etched ancillary parts, turned alloy wheels with vulcanized rubber tyres, decals produced by various methods to suit application. Can be built to order at $295

AMM001260/289 AC CobraRoad car left or right hand drive wire wheels
AMM002AC 289 CobraLe Mans 1963 #3 -7 th overall 1 st in GT class
AMM003AC 289 CobraLe Mans 1963 #4 DNF
AMM003AAC Cobra 289 Willment Racing UK/South Africa
AMM004Shelby Cobra 289 FIA cars Targa Florio 1964 4 works cars
AMM009Shelby Cobra 260 Shelby High Speed Driving SchoolShelby High Speed Driving School car
AMM100SCDaytona Super Coupe 427 Coupe Prototype
AMM070ALola T70 Mk3GT Chassis SL73/101 Norisring 1000ks 1969
AMM070BLola T70 Mk3GTChassis SL73/102 11 Options
AMM070CLola T70 Mk3GT Chassis SL73/112 12 Options
AMM070ELola T70 Mk3GTChassis SL73/134 5 Options
AMM068-1Ford 3lt P68Chassis 001 3 Options 1968
AMM068-2Ford 3lt P68Chassis 002 3 Options 1968
AMM068-3 Ford 3lt P68Chassis 003 2 Options 1969
AMM072A Lola T70 Mk3B GTChassis SL76/142 P Hawkins 1969
AMM072B Lola T70 Mk3B GTChassis SL76/149 Gardner - de Uyd 1969
AMM072C Lola T70 Mk3B GTChassis SL76/150 David Piper 1989/70
AMM072D Lola T70 Mk3B GTChassis SL76/138 Sid Taylor Racing
AMM072E Lola T70 Mk3B GTChassis SL76/143 Ecurie Bonner 1969/70
AMM072F Lola T70 Mk3B GTChassis SL76/151 Suderia Filipinetti
AMM072G Lola T79 Mk3B GTChassis SL76/138 Team Gunston
AMM072F Lola T70 Mk3B GTChassis SL76/146 Team VDS 1969/70
AMM071A Lola T70 Mk2Chassis SL71/17 Surtees/Hill USA/UK
AMM071B Lola T70 Mk2Chassis SL71/18 McClusky USA
AMM071C Lola T70 Mk2Chassis SL71/31 Hulme/Taylor USA/UK
AMM071D Lola T70 Mk2Chassis SL71/32 Mecom Racing USA
AMM071E Lola T70 Mk2Chassis SL71/38 P Hawkins USA
AMM071F Lola T70 Mk2Chassis SL71/42 G Follmer USA