Aus GP/Tasman

The Studio Built Range of Australia Grand Prix winners are numbered limited editions 10 of each subject.

There will be 10 of each winner available, handbuilt, with driver and chequered flag man mounted in a special acrylic display case. A numbered certificate of authenticity and photo engraved name plate will come with the model.

There was no Grand Prix in 1937, although the South Australian Centenary Grand Prix held on the 26th Dec 1936 is generally accepted as the 1937 Australian GP. There were no Grand Prix held between 1940 and 1946 due to WW2

Series 1 1928 to 1963 built only 10 available as diorama or 10 regular build without figures


RefDescriptionLimit of 10
001Ferrari 625 Caversham WA 1957 Lex Davidson/Bill Paterson"
002ERA B type Australian Grand Prix"
004Cooper Climax T51 Mallala SA 1961 Lex Davison"
005Ferrari 625 Lex Davison Bathurst NSW 1958 Lex Davison"
006Maserati 250F Longford Tas. 1959 Stan Jones"
015Cooper T40 Port Wakefield SA 1955 Jack Brabham"


Series 2 1964 to 1984 available built or as kit

RefDescriptionBuilt or Kit
AGP016Williams FW07C A Jones Calder Park 1980


Australian Grand Prix kits from BBR and Tameo 1985 to 1995 Adelaide 1996 to date Melbourne


RefDescriptionBuilt or Kit
ME T66Jordan Peugeot 196
MET49Williams Renault FW17b
TM k67Williams Honda FW11b
TMK113Williams Renault FW13
TMK190Williams Renault FW16
TMK211McLaren Mercedes MP4/11
TMK212Jordan Peugeot 196
TMK238McLaren Mercedes MP4/12
TMK254Benetton B198
TMK255Jordan Mugan Honda 198
TMK258Williams FW20
TMK262McLaren Mercedes MP4/13
TMK286Ferrari F1-2000
TMK305Ferrari F2001
TMK323Ferrari F2002
TMK343Ferrari F2004
TMK350Ferrari F2004M
TMK363Ferrari F2007

Tasman Series

TAS001Lotus 49T 1968 series winner Jim Clark$90
Jim Clark #6 New Zealand Team Lotus
Jim Clark #6 Australia Gold Leaf Team
Graham Hill #5 Australia Gold Leaf Team
TAS004Brabham BT19 Repco 1966/67 J Brabham – D Hulme$90