Automodelli Studio Newsletter May 2017

All items are 1/43rd scale unless otherwise stated. All prices are subject to change due to exchange rate

After many problems with Adobe Illustrator drafting for the Lola T70 chassis SL73/112 is at the printers this kit will build one of eleven versions driven by Paul Hawkins/Frank Gardner among others. This kit will build the car that finished 2nd at the 1967 Surfers 12hr and 1 st at Warwick Farm. Other races are Spa, Crystal Palace, Reims and several of the South African Springbok series from 1967/68

Drafting for the Chevy Camaro Z28 of Kevin Bartlett is done and will go to the printer this month. This kit will build either version of the 1979 1980 1981 1982 Bathurst car. The Jones/Schuppan Porsche 956 GPI from Silverstone 1983 and the Vern Schuppan 956 Silverstone 1984 decals will also go to the printer with the Camaro

Next on the drawing board are the Dick Johnson Mustangs and then the IMSA Mustang GTP cars so we have a busy winter schedule as usual

Etching for the Alan Jones Porsche 935 and the John Latham Carrera will be done this month, hopefully we will have test builds ready for next month’s news letter.

There has been little interest shown in some kits that we proposed so these will be put on hold for the time being. Suderia Veloce Ferrari 250LM (I find this one very strange as it a very famous car driven by many Aussie/Kiwi drivers) Mk1 Lotus Cortina AMR/Allan Moffat/Harry Firth/Frank Gardner SMTS still produce the European version of the AMR -Willment Racing Mk1s so maybe that’s enough. In fact we will hold off doing any more Mk1s this year


Has anyone been scammed by the latest e-bay Global Priority Mailing Service this is used in the UK/USA and is an utter rip off. You pay the seller for the item and postage fee and then get another invoice from Pitney Bows for a handling charge for processing your package… isn’t that what the post office is supposed to do!!!! I recently questioned this with a seller in the UK and they didn’t even know the customer was being charged extra for this service.

High end hand-built models

JarMark models are based on Tameo/Modellismo kits and are very limited release made in the Czech Republic they offer unusual historic F1 models. There are currently three Aussie/Kiwi subjects available and one planed price is around $330

Chris Amon Boro Ensign N175 from the Italian GP 1975 and the Austrian GP coming soon

Larry Perkins Boro 001 from the Italian GP 1976 Available now price $330

Larry Perkins BRM P201 from South Africa 1977 – future release

Coming Soon

Spark McLaren M14A D Hulme French GP 1970

Now in stock

Axel’R kit Lotus 69 F3 Dave Walker $87.50 this will be the last kit from Roger as he is going into hibernation. He will continue to produce his current kits while there are parts in stock but when they are gone, they are gone

From 10 th May we will be operating mornings only or by appointment