Automodelli Studio Newsletter June 2016

All items are 1/43rd scale unless otherwise stated. All prices are subject to change due to exchange rate

June 2016 marks my 40 years involved with the 1/43 scale model car business

In June 1976 I discovered 1/43 scale model car kits. Since then I been a customer, a builder, a retailer, a manufacturer and, in the last 14 years in Australia, we have imported and exported them all around the world. So as a thank you for 40 years I am offering 40% off any kit currently in stock, contact me for list. This offer applies to News Letter subscribers only.

Very quiet month again for imports so time for some home based news. All the ex Marsh Models kit arrived and I have been wading through the metal moulds, spare decals, photo etching and identifying what master patterns there are. There is a huge amount of kit possibilities and many I would like to make, many already have decals/photo etching included so we will be able to turn out some fairly quick but I think late 2016 early 2017 is a reasonable start date for releases as I already have several other projects underway.

New Historic Racing Car Premier Range

These are based mainly the ex Marsh Models previously released kits at the moment
Kits: Resin bodies, white metal and photo etched ancillary parts, vulcanized rubber tyres, decals produced by various methods to suit application. As most of these kits will be produced in house hopefully kit price will around $100 and can be built to order at $275 should be available from late 2016

Ref Model Description
AMM001 260/289 AC Cobra Road car left or right hand drive wire wheels
AMM002 AC 289 Cobra Le Mans 1963 #3 -7 th overall 1 st in GT class
AMM003 AC 289 Cobra Le Mans 1963 #4 DNF
AMM004 Shelby Cobra 289 FIA cars Targa Florio 1964 4 works cars
AMM005 Shelby 260 Cobra #98 Ken Miles or #196 Dave MacDonald Riverside 1963
AMM006 Shelby 289 Cobra #50 Ken Miles Canadian GP 1963
AMM007 Shelby 289 Cobra #98 ‘Executor’ Coventry Motor Alan Grant various races 1963
AMM008 Shelby 289 Cobra #15 Gurney/Hill Sebring 1963
AMM009  Shelby 427 Cobra Ken Miles #98 Riverside or #4 Lakeside TT 1965 (SMTS kit)
AMM010  AC 289 Cobra Le Mans 1964 #64
. .
AMM100 Daytona Cobra #59 Nurburgring or #56 Le Mans 1965
AMM101 Daytona Cobra #26 or #27 Rheims 1965
AMM102 Daytona Cobra #5 Le Mans 1964 or #9 or #12 Le Mans 1965

There are plenty of others but these are a few that appeal to me. Theoretically we should be able to make any of the works cars. Mostly the Daytona that have been made over the years have been the European ones, how about Sebring or Daytona any interest?

  • AC Cobra 260 CSX2002 Bill Krause various race 1962
  • Shelby 289 Cobra CSX? #3 Pikes Peak Hill Climb 1964
  • Shelby 289 Cobra1963 CSX2155 #152 Targa Florio 1964
  • Daytona Cobra CSX2602 #55 Nurburgring 1965 Frank Gardner
  • Daytona Cobra CSX2287 several version to be made after we have modified the master
  • Daytona Cobra CSX2300 #21 Japanese GP 1966 (the only car to race after Shelby/Allan Mann moved on to GT40s)

These are the Aussie/Kiwi cars we will make

  • AC 289 Cobra CSX2131 Willment (Red White) Jack Sears Frank Gardner various races not just #23
  • AC 289 Cobra CSX2030 Willment (White Red) Paul Hawkins/Bob Olthoff Nurburgring 1964
  • AC 289 Cobra CSX2030 Willment (White red) Bob Olthoff Frank Gardner #6 Kyalami 1963
  • AC 289 Cobra CSX2131 Willment (Red) Brian Muir #65 Crystal Palace or #40 Norisring 1966
  • Shelby 289 Cobra CSX2136 Nassau 1963 #198 Frank Gardner
  • AC 289 Cobra COB6033 Ron Thorpe early version 1964/65 wire wheels

Cobra built by C T Atkins on AC chassis (HEM-6) needs new master

  • Chris Amon Autosport 3hr also this is the Chequered Flag Cobra as raced 1966/67 UK
Coming Soon

wheel-15We have some new wire wheels on their way these are 15” Dunlop type as used by British manufacturers like Jaguar, AC, Morgan and Aston Martin etc.

They come with 4mm wide tyres and 2 or 3 eared knock offs at $20 per set of 4 These are turned and etched aluminium and can be painted. Ref ABC WW1


SMTS are making the Ford Falcon Sprint that Frank Gardner won the British Saloon Car Championship 1967 also they will be releasing some XK120’s so maybe we can make a few local racers. I need some help with images of the Falcon Brian Muir raced in the UK 1967 (Gawain Bailey) 1968 (Bill Shaw) and 1969 (Malcolm Gartland)

And from Spark this Ensign N174 driven by Chris Amon

Spark Ensign N174 driven by Chris Amon

Spark Ensign N174

Surtees TS19 Alan Jones

Surtees TS19 Alan Jones

Surtees TS19 Alan Jones

Two Porsche 919s from LM2015


The 2 nd placed red car driven by Mark Webber and Brendon Hartley and winning white car driven by Earl Bamber


If anyone is interested these 919 Porsches are being made in kit form by Studio 27 at around $225


Up to date new releases

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