Automodelli Studio Newsletter January 2018

All items are 1/43rd scale unless otherwise stated. All prices are subject to change due to exchange rate

We have finally resolved the decal problem, but now we have a problem getting material for the etching, but at last the Channel 9 Camaro Z28 from Bathurst 1979/80/81/82 is ready. Kit price $90, Any version built to order $250

Channel 9 Camaro Z28 Bathurst

Marsh Model have made this 427 Cobra prototype the kit will build either of two versions one race at Lakeside 1965 and the other from Riverside. This was a 289 chassis with the 7litre engine fitted which proved to be a bit of a handful even for Ken Miles. Kit $110 Built $285

427 Cobra prototype

New from Spark

GT40 Mk2 1966

GT40 Mk2 1966 Mark Donahue/Paul Hawkins

Cooper T60

Cooper T60 Monaco 1962 Bruce McLaren