Automodelli Studio Newsletter December 2017

All items are 1/43rd scale unless otherwise stated. All prices are subject to change due to exchange rate

We will be closed from Friday 22 th Dec until Monday 8th Jan 2018

Last post will go out Friday 15 th Dec

Sorry to everyone who has been patiently waiting for various Pinko Models but Pinko have now ceased trading. We assume that means Gamma Model who make Klaxon and the Pinko range has also shut up shop too.

The Alan Jones Porsche 935/80 kit is ready at last. This car blitzed the 1982 Australian GT Championship wining every race, it varied a little from race to race and we have included all part so as it will build any version. Kit price $90 built to order $250

We have the sample decals from SMTS and they are a fair quality at a good price so Iā€™m going with them. We should be able to turn kits out a bit quicker now.

Due to unforeseen circumstances we have a spare Automodello AAR Eagle this is certificated and signed by Geoff Brabham. Geoff drove the road circuits and Max Mosley raced on the ovals. Price $195 plus post.

Special Offer
1/24 scale kit

BMW M3 #56 Brock ā€“ Richards or #57 Compton ā€“ Parsons
Bathurst 1988

We made a short run of these a few years ago based on the Renaissance kit and our decals, this is the last one. Special price to newsletter readers only $195 plus postage