Automodelli Studio Newsletter August 2016

All items are 1/43rd scale unless otherwise stated. All prices are subject to change due to exchange rate

At last I have managed to get someone that can make made to measure boxes at a reasonable price. So we should be able to send more kits overseas for the same cost by reducing the weight of the individual box. The new box weight is approx 38 grams less than the current ones so we should be able to send 2/3 more kits for the same overall weight, reducing shipping costs per item

Also this will help with storage as all our home brand kits will be in the same size box. We also have new presentation boxes for the built models

In the not too distant future we hope to be making the Ford Mustang GTP that was raced by Geoff Brabham in IMSA. This Zakspeed built car was based on the European Capri. Other drivers included Klaus Ludwig, Bobby Rahal and Bob Wallek and although these have been made before, the Brabham versions have not.



Available now from Mysterious Ferrari 612 Can Am 1969 Chris Amon built only $275



We have decided to make some more kits of Aussie Porsches, both home and international, these are put together by David Whitehead who has an extensive Porsche collection which means he has moulds to make many versions. Available as kits at $90 or built to order at $295 and will be extremely limited release the range also includes any previously released Porsche models and will be distributed by Automodelli Studio

1st will be the 911 Carrera of John Latham ASCC championship winner 1977 kit $90 built POA


Followed closely by the GPI 956 long tail of Alan Jones – Vern Schuppan from the Silverstone 1000ks 1983 kit $85 built POA


And from the Silverstone 1000ks 1984 the 956 short tail of Vern Schuppan – Walter Brun kit $85


In stock

Spark Porsche 919 Hybrid 1 st LM2015 Hulkenburg/ Tandy/Bamber $105


Coming Soon

Spark Ford GT40 1 st LM 1965 McLaren – Amon


Spark Porsche 956 LM 1985 Jarier/Thackwell/Konrad


Spark Matra MS120B 1971 Spanish GP C Amon


Up to date new releases

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