Automodelli Studio History

Or how we have managed to survive GFC and grow when the banks told us we could not


In June Automodelli Studio was set up as a model building service and we went on line in September


With the demise of many model shops in Australia we decided there was a need to import models and kits


We started our own range of hand crafted resin models in partnership with David Whitehead in Canberra


We now import from more than 100 suppliers worldwide all forms of 1/43rd scale models/kits/accessories


With GFC and the rising Aussie Dollar we started a partnership with Jemmpy in France to produce some of our range


In a depressed market we consolidated our business and started a built only range of very limited release


We starter to produce photo etching and most of our own decals. David starts his own range of hand crafted Aussie Porsche


We set up in partnership with SMTS in the UK to manufacture a metal range of models


The metal range distributed from the UK for Europe saving double handling and shipping charges


We now have a resin range of kits producing 63 models and a metal range producing 17 models


2014 is our 10th Birthday what more can I say! We now produce over 100 kits of our own and supply models, kits and accessories from all the 1/43 scale suppliers.


A full on year of building models and producing kits for export as well as the home market. We have had to limit building to 1/43 scale only as we had far too much work


With the ever increasing cost of shipping we decided to produce as much in Australia as possible and have moved in to metal casting to complement the resin side of the business. This has allowed us to introduce a Premier Range of kits 90% of which are made in Australia


Paul D’Orival joins the team and will take over the business when I retire in 2019 Paul will be
doing more of the building work as I am cutting down the hours. With the new range we are
moving to more international based models.


We have purchased several older moulds from Marsh Models. Lola T70 spider, Lola T70GT. Ford P68, AC/Shelby Cobras. These are being updated with some new moulds and ancillary parts. They will form the base of our new Premier Range and give Paul a catalogue to produce kits while he develops his own.