Automodelli Newsletter April 2016

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Very quiet this month due to Chinese New Year in Feb so a few announcement on the home front. We are always reviewing what we make and I have come to the conclusion that it will not be viable to make the later Moffat Monza’s that is the Metallic Bronze Camel Filters and Federation Insurance cars. As the earlier versions haven’t sold that well it just doesn’t stack up laying out the money for drafting and printing of those very colourful decals.

We are making new moulds for the Jaguar XJS so new orders will have to hold for a little while.

Test casting for the Channel 9 Camaro are done and sent for drafting decals/photo etching. This kit will build either one of the 4 years 1979 80 81 or 82

Decals are being drafted for the Alan Jones Porsche 935 this kit will build anyone of the 8 races it won in 1982 there were subtle sponsor changes and body mods race to race. What it won’t make is the car as it appears today which might look like the 1982 car but is far from it in detail.

Many kit manufacturers have turned to making fully finished models over the years it is very unusual for a readymade company to make kits but NEO are doing just that. In an experiment they are releasing a metal/resin kit of a 1972 Dodge Polara. Can’t say it’s the most exciting vehicle to choose but good luck to them I’m always glad to see new kits on the market.

Marsh Model release their latest version of the Ferrari 312PB that Tim Schenken drove at Le Mans 1973 this a long tail and I think this is the last of the Tim Schenken Ferrari PB’s price kit $130

Rio have made another version of the Alfa P3 that raced in Australia back in the 1950’s and yes you’ve guessed it they got it wrong again. This is the third version that they have done and the third version that they have made wrong for what they state it to be again. If you want one I will get it in but no point stocking them. Price $70

Beware those of you that shop on e-bay there are some “Tasman Cars” currently being sold in Italy they are not what they are advertised as, they are cheap so you might be tempted but you will letting yourself in for a lot of work to get them right and some of the decals are not for the cars stated

Something for the bike fans, some years ago SMTS made fully finished bike models from RAE they are now releasing these as kits. 1/18th scale I’m afraid but maybe 1/43 bikes are just a bit too small anyway if you are interested we can supply. First releases are the 1956 BSA Gold Star and the 1960 Triumph T120 Bonneville. Price around $200

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From now on all the Specialist Model Imports are available to News Letter subscribers only and will be announced via the news letter mailing system. Pre ordering is mandatory they are usually one off shipments from our supplier and once the order date is passed it is unlikely we will get any more. Don’t wait until it’s too late. The Porsche Museum collection and Replicarz Indy Car range is available only from Automodelli Studio in Aus/NZ Just to clarify prices on the standard models i.e. Le Mans and Daytona winners are $86.25 less discount and the limited release models are $89.50 less discount at the current exchange rate.

There will be exclusive special offers too!! Like a super kits sale coming in June. As of June 2016 we will have been around this business/hobby for 40 years and just to prove it does send you crazy we will be offering some pretty crazy discounts on kits so watch out for the June News Letter.

As part of our Specialist Model Imports department we are now offering the new 1/43 Senna Collection, as with all specialist imports these must be pre-ordered. Price is $110 (F1) to $155 (F3) depending on the vehicle. Some of these are updated re-issues and some are new models. All news letter subscribers get the 5% discount and if you buy 3 or more get 10% discount.

These can be order now for delivery when in stock, first up L540864312 1987 Lotus Renault 98T this is imminent, others as follows

  • L540854312 1985 Lotus Renault 97T
  • L540874312 1987 Lotus Honda 99T
  • L540884312 1988 McLaren Honda MP4/4
  • L540914301 1991 McLaren Honda MP4/6
  • L540944302 1984 Williams Renault FW16
  • L540834307 1983 McLaren MP4/1C Silverstone test

In Stock

We have new supply of BBR wire wheels these are $20 a set and one of the few thing that have never gone up in price

Minichamps Red Bull RB9 Mark Webber Brazil last F1 race $110

Minichamps Red Bull RB9 Mark Webber Brazil last F1 race $110

Up to date new releases

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