1/43 scale Figures

We can now offer the Denizen Miniatures range from the UK. These are by far the best white metal figures of race/rally drivers, pit crew, spectators and accessories from the 1920s to now. These are basic castings for you to paint or we can paint them for you.


Part No. Item Description Price from $7
RD1 Standing fastening helmet ..
RD2 Standing helmeted ..
RD3 Stepping into car ..
RD4 Walking carrying helmet, waving ..
RD5 Walking carrying helmet ..
RD6 Walking, undoing helmet ..
RD7 In car, steering straight- pre 1996 ..
RD8 In car, visor up, victory salute -pre 1996 ..
RD9 In car, visor up, pulling on gloves – pre 1996 ..
RD10 As RD9, bareheaded, separate helmet ..
RD13 Helmeted driver gesticulating ..
RD14 Team Manager ..
RD15 Driver getting out of car ..
RD16 In car, shirt, flying helmet – 1920s/30s ..
RD17 In car, overalls, flying helmet – 1920s/30s ..
RD18 Driver standing, helmet on ..
RD19 Cockpit Monitors (2) ..
RD20 Standing arms folded, goggles, peak ..
RD21 As R20 no goggles, no peak ..
RD22 G Hill, arms folded, wearing helmet ..
RD23 Jackie Stewart, arms folded, cap ..
RD24 Driver goggles, peaked helmet sitting ..
RD25 Driver no goggles. No peak sitting ..
RD26 Driver earlier helmet, sitting ..
RD27 Walking undoing helmet, goggles, peak ..
RD28 As RD27, no goggles, no peak ..
RD29 Standing casual pose, goggles, peak ..
RD30 As RD29 no goggles, no peak ..
RD31 G Hill standing casual pose, earlier helmet ..
RD32 Standing casual pose, earlier helmet ..
RD35 Armco Barrier 2X73mm lengths ..
RD36 Armco Barrier curved endpieces ..
RD37 Driver putting on helmet ..
RD38 Driver in balaclava holding helmet ..
RD39 Crewman with Pneumatic Front Jack ..
RD40 Crewman with Tubular Rear Jack ..
RD41 Crewman undoing wheel one knee ..
RD42 Crewman to hold wheel ..
RD43 Crewman with ‘Brakes On’ sign ..
RD44 Pneumatic Front Jack ..
RD45 Tubular Rear Jack ..
RD46 Brakes on Lollipops (2) ..
RD47 Wheel Nut Guns (4) ..
RD48 Crewman kneeling arm raised ..
RD49 Crewman undoing wheel both knees ..
RD50 Crewman to hold wheel ..
RD51 Fire Extinguishers (2) ..
RD52 Crewman undoing wheel both knees ..
RD53 Crewman with arm raised ..
RD54 Crewman to hold wheel ..
RD57 Sitting on Armco, separate helmet ..
RD58 Sitting on Armco, helmet on ..
RD59 Driver in car Peaked helmet, goggles ..
RD65 Touring Car Driver in car lhd ..
RD66 Rally driver and Navigator ..
RD67 Touring Car Driver in car rhd ..
RD68 Marshall waving yellow flag ..
RD69 Driver with overalls tied round waist ..
RD70 Triple Armco section 85mm ..
RD74 Laptop Computers (2) ..
RD75 Driver in car hairpin right – 1996 on ..
RD76 Driver in car steering right – 1996 on ..
RD77 Driver in car steering straight- 1996 on ..
RD78 Driver in car steering left – 1996 on ..
RD79 Driver in car hairpin left – 1996 on ..
RD80 Driver in car waving to crowd – 1996 on ..
RD81 Standing in car, arms spread ..
RD82 Standing in car, fists clenched ..
RD83 Crewman with Pneumatic Front Jack ..
RD84 Crewman with “Brakes ON’ sign ..
RD85 Crewman undoing wheel one knee ..
RD86 Crewman to hold wheel ..
RD87 Crewman undoing wheel both knees ..
RD88 Crewman with arms raised ..
RD89 Refuelling Crew (2 figures and hose) ..
RD90 Crewman with Rear Jack ..
RD91 Crewman kneeling arm raised ..
RD92 Crewman kneeling undoing wheel ..
RD93 Crewman to hold wheel ..
RD94 Spare refuelling hose for dioramas ..
RD96 Drivers conferring (2 figures) ..
RD97 Parc Ferme ..
RD98 Crewman pushing car – type 1 ..
RD99 Crewman pushing car – type 2 ..
RD100 Mid 50s driver in car inc seat ..
RD101 Early 50s driver in car inc seat ..
RD102 Driver running 1950/63 type 1 ..
RD103 Driver running 1950/63 type 2 ..
RD104 Race Official waving chequered flag ..
RD105 Middle-aged man in suit ..
RD106 As RD5 wearing hat ..
RD107 Young man, shirtsleeves ..
RD108 As RD7, wearing cap ..
RD109 Young woman ..
RD110 Mechanic doing up wheel nut ..
RD111 Mechanic lying on ground under car ..
RD112 Mechanic bending over engine type 1 ..
RD113 Mechanic bending over engine type 2 ..
RD114 Old style quick lift Jack ..
RD115 Driver kneeling looking at rear of car ..
RD116 Driver signing programme/small boy ..
RP1 Alain Prost ..
RP1 Stirling Moss in car ..
RG1 Promotions Girl walking ..
RG2 Promotions Girl in swimsuit ..
RG3 Promotions Girl as wearing sash ..
RG4 Startline Girl with Signboard ..


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