There are many hundreds of decals sheet available, we only list a few Aus/NZ ones here as examples. Contact us to see what is available.
We try to keep a reasonable stock of the Aus/NZ items but inevitably we do sometimes run out of certain ones and they may take some time to re-stock as all are printed in Europe.

We supply decals from DMC , Virage,  Colorado , ACB,  Decals43,  Fartefice,  Studio 27 , Museum Collection and many replacement decals from the major manufacturers. All prices are a guide and may change due to exchange rates

General decals various sizes, suitable other scale

Part No. Price
AUTR01 White roundels 8mm to 14.5mm dia. $10
AUTR07 Stripes various colours 0.5mm wide 100mm long $10
AUTR08 Race numbers Black 3 styles White 2 styles Blue 1 style $20
AUTR08A Race numbers Black 6 styles White 6 styles $15
AUTR08B Race numbers Black 2, White 2 styles $15
AUTR09C Race number with roundels/squares black/white white/black $10
AUTR016 Stripes 1.25mm to 5mm wide individual sheets in black white red orange green yellow mid blue dark blue $10
AUTR017 Stripes 1.25mm to 5mm wide individual sheets in gold silver dayglo yellow red orange green $12
AUTR018 Tyre sidewall names Goodyear, BF Goodrich, Yokahma, Pirelli, Bridgestone $15
AUTR019 Stripes 1.25mm to 5mm wide single sheet with red gold silver white black $12



Australian and New Zealand subjects in 1/43 scale

43AUT002 Porsche 956 Le Mans or Silverston 1984 #34 P Brock – L Perkins $20
43AUT061 BMW 318i ATCC 1994 #23 Diet Coke Paul Morris $15
43AUT094 Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 #35 OXO Miedeke/Smith $15
43AUT063 BMW M3 ATCC 1993 T Longhurst #25 B&H $15
43AUT010 Holden Torana A9X Bathurst 1978 or 1979 #05 1st $20
43AUT012 BMW 635CSi Bob Jane T Marts Bathurst 1985/86 $20
43AUT013 Sierra Cosworth RS500 B&H Bathurst 1988/89 $20
43AUT014 Sierra Cosworth RS500 Shell Bathurst 1987 to 1992 $20
43AUT015 BMW 635CSi Gr A JPS Bathurst 1984/85 #1 #31 #62 $20
43COL147 Audi R8 1st Adelaide 2000 McNish/Capello $20
43AUT017 BMW M3 JPS Bathurst 1987 #44 #45 $20
43AUT018 BMW M3 Mobil Bathurst 1988 #56 #57 $20
43AUT251 Porsche 956 Silverstone 1000ks 1984 Vern Schuppan $15
43AUT359 Porsche 956 Silverstone 1983ks Alan Jones/Vern Schuppan $15
43AUT017 Jaguar XJS Bathurst 1986 #8 #9 #10 Wellington 500 #51 #52 $15