All tyres listed here are 1/43 scale

Accessories : These are suitable for replacements of old split or tyres that have turned solid, also for enhancement of models as these are better quality than many that are supplied with the original kits.

All packs are sets of 4 same size tyre, if you require small front and large rear, please enquire.

Trade and bulk orders welcome we can supply larger quantities at discount prices,

Tyres are suitable for road, race or rally cars as they come in slick or rain form and some with authentic tread patterns.

Tyre dimensions are in millimeters

‘A’ = external diameter ‘B’ = internal diameter ‘C’ = width

Price per set of 4 — $4.95

G-Type001 A=14 B=8 C=4.8 Ridge
G-Type002 A=12 B=8 C=3.8 Puntinato
G-Type003 A=13 B=8.5 C=6.5 Ridge
G-Type004 A=13 B=8.5 C=7.5 Ridge
G-Type005 A=14.5 B=8.5 C=9 Ridge
G-Type006 A=16.5 B=9.5 C=5.8 Ridge
G-Type008 A=15.5 B=10 C=4.5 Ridge
G-Type009 A=15 B=9.5 C=4 Ridge
G-Type010 A=14 B=10 C=9 Puntinato
G-Type011 A=13 B=8.5 C=7 Puntinato
G-Type012 A=15 B=9 C=5 Ridge
G-Type013 A=15 B=9 C=6 Ridge
G-Type014 A=15 B=9 C-6.8 Ridge
G-Type015 A=16 B=9 C=4.5 Ridge
G-Type017 A=14 B=10 C=6.7 Slick
G-Type018 A=15 B=9.5 C=6.3 Ridge
G-Type019 A=15 B=9.5 C=7.5 Ridge
G-Type020 A=14 B=8.5 C=8 Slick
G-Type020RAIN A=14 B=8.5 C=8 Rain
G-Type021 A=15 B=8.5 C=10.5 Slick
G-Type021RAIN A=15 B=8.5 C=10.5 Rain
G-Type022 A=14 B=9.5 C-7.5 Slick
G-Type023 A-16 B-9.5 C=10 Slick
G-Type024 A=14 B=9.5 C=4.7 Ridge
G-Type025 A=15 B=9.3 C=6 Ridge
G-Type026 A=17 B=10 C=5 Ridge
G-Type029 A=13 B=9.5 C=6.2 Puntinato
G-Type030 A=14 B=9.3 C=7.2 Puntinato
G-Type031 A=14 B=10 C=5.5 Puntinato
G-Type032 A=15.5 B=10.5 C=7 Puntinato
G-Type034 A=14 B=8.3 C=6 Ridge
G-Type035F A=14 B=9.5 C=7.4 Firestone
G-Type035P7 A=14.B= 9.5 C-7.4 Pirelli P7000
G-Type036F A=14.7 B=9.2 C=9 Firestone
G-Type036P7 A = 14.7 B=9.2 C-9 Pirelli P7000
G-Type037 A=15 B=8 C=7 Slick
G-Type038 A=15 B=8 C=9 Slick
G-Type039 A=14 B=9 C=6 Puntinato
G-Type040 A=15 B=10 C=8 Slick
G-Type041 A=13 B=7 C=3.3 Ridge
G-Type044 A=14.8 B=10.3 C=6 Slick
G-Type045 A=14.5 B=10.3 C=6 Pirelli
G-Type046 A=14.5 B=10 C=6 Pirelli Zero
G-Type047 A=15.3 B=10 C=7 Pirelli Zero
G-Type048 A=12.3 B=8.5 C=6.5 Slick
G-Type048RAIN A=12.3 B=8.5 C=6.5 Rain
G-Type049 A=15.5 B=8.5 C=10.5 Slick
G-Type050 A=15.3 B=8.5 C=12.2 Slick
G-Type050R A=15.3 B=8.5 C=12.2 Rain
G-Type052 A=12.5 B=9 C=5.4 Slick
G-Type053 A=12.5 B=9 C=8 Slick
G-Type054 A=12.5 B=9 C=9.7 Slick
G-Type055 A=12.5 B=9 C=5.4 Puntinato
-Type056 GA=12.5 B=9 C=8 Puntinato
G-Type058 A=14 B=9.5 C=7 Puntinato
G-Type059 A=15 B=10 C=10 Puntinato
G-Type061 A=12.5 B=9.3 C=4 Ridge
G-Type062 A=12.5 B=8 C=4.5 Ridge
G-Type063 A=15 B=10.2 C=4.3 Ridge
G-Type065 A=14.5 B=10.5 C=6 Slick
G-Type066 A=15 B=9 C=3.7 Ridge
G-Type067 A=15.5 B=9.5 C=5.3 Ridge
G-Type068 A=16 B=9.5 C=6.3 Ridge.
G-Type071 A=13 B=9 C=8 Slick
G-Type072 A=15 B=10.5 C=11 Slick
G-Type073 A=15.5 B=9.5 C=5.5 Ridge
G-Type074 A=16 B=9.5 C=7R Ridge
G-Type075 A=13.5 B=8.5 C=7 Slick Slick
G-Type076 A=14 B=8.5 C=8.5 Slick<
G-Type085 A=13 B=7.5 C=10 Slick
G-Type087 A= 15.5 B=11 C=6 Michelin
G-Type088 A=14.5 B=8 C=5 Firestone
G-Type089 A=15 B=8 C=5.2 Firestone
G-Type090 A=14 B=8.3 C=7 Puntinato
G-Type092 A=15.7 B=9.7 C=4 Ridge
G-Type093 A=16.5 B=10 C=5.3 Ridge
G-Type094 A=20 B=10 C=5.4 Ridge
G-Type098 A=15.5 B=11 C=6.5 Slick
G-Type099 A=15.5 B=11.5 C=7.5 Slick
G-Type100 A=15.5 B=11.5 C=9 Slick
G-Type103 A=15 B=9.5 C=5 Pirelli
G-Type104 A=15 B=9.5 C=6 Pirelli
G-Type105 A=15 B=9.5 C=7 Pirelli
G-Type106 A=15 B=9.5 C=6 Slick
G-Type107 A=15 B=9.5 C=7.5 Slick
G-Type108 A=14 B=10 C=8 Slick
G-Type109 A=14 B=10 C=10 Slick
G-Type111 A=12 B=6.5 C=3.4 Ridge
G-Type112 A=17 B=12 C=6.5 Puntinato
G-Type113 A=14.5 B=9.5 C=8.3 Pirelli
G-Type115 A=13.5 B=10 C=7 Puntinato
G-Type116 A=15 B=9.5 C=10 Puntinato
G-Type117 A=13 B=8 C=6 Puntinato
G-Type118 A=13 B=8 C=7.5 Puntinato
G-Type119 A=11 B=8 C=5 Slick
G-Type120 A=11 B=8 C=6.3 Slick
G-Type121 A=13.5 B=8 C=4.3 Puntinato
G-Type123 A=17 B=9 C=7 Ridge
G-Type124 A=16.5 B=10 C=12 Slick
G-Type126 A=15 B=10 C=8.5 Slick
G-Type127 A=14 B=8.5 C=5.3 Ridge
G-Type129 A=17 B=11 C=4 Puntinato
G-Type130 A=14 B=9 C=3.3 Puntinato
G-Type131 A=14 B=8.5 C=4.8 Firestone
G-Type132 A=14.5 B=8.5 C=5.3 Firestone
G-Type133 A=15 B=10 C=4.3 Michelin
G-Type134 A=16 B=10 C=5.3 Michelin
G-Type135 A=14.5 B=9.5 C=4 Pirelli
G-Type136 A=15.5 B=10 C=4.5 Pirelli
G-Type137 A=14.5 B=11.5 C=6.5 Slick
G-Type138 A=15 B=9 C=6.4 Firestone
G-Type140 A=15 B=11 C=5.5 Puntinato
G-Type141 A=14 B=9 C=5 Pirelli
G-Type142 A=16 B=9.5 C=10 Firestone
G-Type145 A=12.5 B=8 C=5 Slick
G-Type146 A=14 B=8.5 C=4.5 Ridge
G-Type147 A=14 B=8.5 C=5 Ridge
G-Type149 A=15.5 B=10 C=6.8 Bridgestone
G-Type150 A=15 B=10 C=6 Pirelli Zero