Where are they now?

Many of the old manufacturers are gone for good and their creations have gone with them, but these models were only ever limited runs, unlike the die-cast manufacturers they were never intended to sell to the masses, only to the concerning and dedicated collector.

Some, like Danhausen from Aachen in Germany whose ranges included Metal 43, were made by others like Western Models & AMR went through many changes and emerged as the mass producer it is today, Minichamps.

Others, like MRF have gone through many incarnations like Record, Starter, Provence Moulage and Provence Miniatures, and are now part of the Heco range. In the UK Wills Finecast became Southern Finecast but are better known today for their steam engines and models railway items. Some still exist as they did back in the 1970s –  Tron, Meri, Mini Racing.


Grand Prix Models These days reside in Banbury, Oxfordshire
Brian Harvey In semi retirement living in deepest Wales
Barry Lester Died 7th July 2010
John Day Died 2006 but his 1/76th scale models live on. Available from John Day Models, 8 St Aidan’s Road, East Dulwich, London SE22 0RP UK
AMR Andre Marie Ruf gone to meet the greatest model creator of them all AMR Model Cars
Ugo Fadini Still producing Land Speed Record models
Mikansue Mike and Sue Richardson believed to be in Western France
Carlo Brianza Died 1994, his work is continued by his Son and Daughter at ABCBrianza
Paddy Stanley Still a priest and living in Somerset, England
Danhausen After many changes emerged as Minichamps
Tenariv Jean-Pierre Viranet is believed to have ceased model production and is now making artists’ paint
FDS automodelli Francesco De Stasio is now Alfa Model 43
BAM Still in Paris but only retail shops now as Boutique Automoto