8th March 2013

Hand built models and kits

FB Models

Alfa Romeo 6C 2300 Ghia Mille Miglia 1937 #110 or #118

G Cam

Cheetah G604 Aston Martin LM1985 #24

Jousset LM1926 #30

Porsche 550 LM1955 #38

Simca 6 LM1949 #60

Simca 6 LM1950 #60

Simca 8 LM1949 #54

Die/Resin cast ready made models


Volvo 240 Turbo #1 DRM 1986

Mercedes F1 1st China N Rosberg

BMW Z4 GT3 ADAC #4 Nurburgring

BMW Z4 GT3 ADAC #52 Nurburgring

McLaren Mercedes MP4/27 1st Canada L Hamilton


Pontiac Tras Am K.I.T Knight Rider TV show

DeLorean Back to the Future film

Ghost Busters Ecto 1A film

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta road red, yellow, blue